SacsCloud, the reason why Mexico is joining the e-commerce party

SacsCloud POS sytem

For a long time the small and medium size business in Mexico has very few trust in e-commerce or ERP systems.

It was a common belief that only big enterprises were allowed to use a retail POS software, inventory management, ecommerce & CRM in the cloud like SacsCloud.

For small stores like stationer’s shop, candy shops or artisan markets, the commercial practices still involves a lot of receipts, paper and handwriting counts that maintain the owner’s pretty busy, even for a small business.

Even so, the population that are internet users are growing considerably.  54% of all the population in the whole country have access to the web but the online customer was still afraid of making business through it.

The 2 common  fears about buying online are:

“I don’t want to be a victim of a scam”.
“I will not buy too much with this store so I don’t want to get my credit card register”.

The customers in Mexico needs a good CRM strategy and a comfortably model that brings security and control. And now it is becoming possible to small business owners.

Tere have a bakery store in two states of the Yucatan Peninsula. These are small stores, but the success of the business that combine french gastronomy with traditional mexican desserts is making a lot of buzz.

“With so many people coming to the store and ordering products, I found the SacsCloud mode very interesting because I can visualize what cake or dessert are the more and less favorite to the customers.”


“I can send emails to the people that prefer some desserts than others or I can increase the consume of products that are not getting some much demand”.

“When a customer gets an email with beautiful pictures of a cake with a great opportunity offer, I get a very powerful response.”

“It is very thrilling to realize how just by getting the emails of the customers I can make a community using the SacsCloud model.”

“I can send coupons or special discounts to the frequent clients, I have lists of clients that always buy that type of cheesecake or that strawberry pie”.

“By knowing they by name I can create bonds with the people who likes our receipts and thats benefits that I really enjoy of a CRM software that give trust to my customers to buy in the online shop”

From the POS System and the inventory and the every year more elaborate process of paying taxes in Mexico, the SacsCloud model is taking traditional businesses to the web.

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