Historic Wedding Venues near Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas is the home of several historic wedding venues that are popular among couples. Each one has been a part of the city for a significant amount of time and each one hosts many weddings per year.

One of the historic venues couples can choose to get married at in Austin, Texas includes The Greenhouse in Driftwood. Owned by three generations worth of one Texas family, the house has been well maintained. The Oak trees on the property have been there for centuries and starting in during the 1970s has and continues to be a site where rain water is regularly collected. That water is then available for use in the house.

Couples also choose the historic Mercury Hall, located in the South Central area of Austin, for their wedding day. Mercury Hall has been there since 1904 and features an indoor reception space and outdoor ceremony space as well as an outdoor space perfect for a cocktail hour. Some of the rooms in the hall are tiny, often leaving brides to prepare for their wedding at a nearby hotel.

Other couples choose to get married at the Crystal River Inn, which is among Texas’s most historic. This Victorian Inn has been a part of Texas history since 1883. Wedding ceremonies are held in the Inn’s gardens in a tented courtyard with a brick walkway. Tall pecan trees surround the courtyard providing couples and their guests with a beautiful backdrop that also includes fountains and chandeliers surrounding the rose garden. Its outdoor dining room has a wet bar, fireplace and piano.

Among the many wedding venues in the area, Milltown Historic District actually has three wedding venue locations for couples to choose from. Its five acre riverside area even has overnight cabins where wedding guests can stay the night of. The River Venue is found on the Guadalupe River. It includes the Faust Street Bridge, which has been there since 1887. Riverbank ceremonies are often held here, with receptions being held at the venue’s center.

The Milltown Historic District General Store, opened since 1920, has been renovated and now holds The Gallery. The store front’s original wooden floors remain intact today. Wedding ceremonies are held in the courtyard while receptions are held in The Gallery itself. Occasionally the reception will have certain parts take place outdoors such as using wedding sparklers for a grand exit or entrance or if the fall colors are particularly lovely. The Grande is the historic district’s New Orleans style French ballroom. Its grand staircase, gas lights and chandeliers all add to the ambience of a couple’s wedding day.

Brodie Homestead is also a historical wedding venue in the heart of Texas. Its barn was constructed in 1950 for almost 50 years was used to house animals such as donkeys, cows and horses. After being purchased by a new owner, Brodie Homestead underwent a three year renovation project. The property’s original character was preserved over the years. Its stone walls and tall ceilings are the original walls and ceilings constructed when the property was built.

These historic wedding venues throughout Austin, Texas provide couples with the best possible choices.

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