Planning a Wedding in Austin, Texas

Planning a wedding in Austin, Texas is an easy task because couples have so many options for venues. Many couples who get married in Austin choose to take advantage of the yearlong warm temperatures in Texas by planning a beach wedding. Couples should be aware that a special permit generally needs to be obtained first.

Another option when getting married in Austin is an Austin Party Cruise. The cruise takes couples and their wedding guests through Lake Austin, which is in the city’s downtown area. Couples that get married on an Austin Party Cruise can either bring their own food on the boat or have the cruise company cater it. The party cruise boat is equipped to host weddings with anywhere from 60 to 75 guests. Couples looking to get married in downtown Austin can also hold their wedding at the Allan House. This Victorian mansion can accommodate indoor weddings with as many as 50 guests and outdoor weddings with as many as 250 guests.

Weddings in Austin, Texas are not limited to those who live there, as couples from other states and even other countries can always get married in Austin. Those there is a waiting period of three days to obtain a marriage license in Texas any active member of the military are exempt from that waiting period. The only other way to get around the three day wait period is for a couple that wants to get married in Austin to take a premarital educational course.

When choosing a date for an Austin, Texas wedding it is best to avoid August and September entirely, as they are the two months in which Texas is most likely to experience hurricanes. Summer months are not recommended for an Austin, Texas wedding date due to the harsh heat throughout the season. January and December can also be tricky because Texas tends to experience cloudy weather during those months. Most local wedding experts recommend that a wedding in Austin, Texas be held in the spring, with the exception of any official spring break week as Austin is littered with college students at that time.

Also, for couples who want some additional excitement in their wedding day experience, you can consider using fireworks during the celebration because of the great laws in Austin, TX. Most couples choose something simple like sparklers for their ceremony or reception, but you can always hire a professional crew to come out and launch a full-sized show if your budget allows.

For brides that don’t have time to get to a salon on their wedding day, there is always the option of booking a mobile salon to come to them and do the bride’s hair and makeup as well as that of the bridesmaids.

Serving food at a wedding in Austin, Texas almost certainly means that guests will be expecting Southern cuisine served family style. Austin weddings tend to be laid back and less formal than weddings in other cities.

There are many professional wedding planners and photographers in and around Austin, Texas. Booking an Austin, Texas wedding is one way for couples to get married in style. With so many options at their fingertips, couples holding their wedding in Austin can easily have the wedding of their dreams. An unforgettable wedding in Austin is within the grasp of every couple.

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